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  1. Soccer spirits tier list
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  79. Kumas, however, a re shit. An essential sub if you want to survive Sharrs and Williams. Ace Skill: Charging Tactics Ace : Increases the reflex by 15% and action speed by 20% of attackers and defenders.
  81. Luka: gives penetration power and low pass effect. Perial, Ingram and Marineco are also great. One of the best totem for Strikers. Rerolling for a legendary, let alone a specific one, is reroll hell in the truest sense of the phrase.
  83. Ardor Tier List Survey - Beth: The offensive gambit. Anyway, regardless of what you choose to do , your first priority in this game is getting a striker.
  85. INTRODUCTION Welcome to Soccer Spirits. You may feel lost in the beginning because there seems to be a lot going on--and there is. This guide is to share what I wish I knew a year ago. Take this guide with a grain of salt. For specific guides, go a nd. For a tier list, go. For gameplay pointers, go. This guide is just to give you the big picture and help you avoid bad decisions--to walk you through the beginning. Be extra happy if you get them. Has a place in many endgame teams. Has unique support skills and helps you clear a lot of PvE content. The heal is great, and their buffs are useful. Good strikers, but will become obsolete later. Good passers, similar deal as the strikers. Great frontline supports, gives lots of damage to your striker. The cutest forward passer with a speed buff. Good long passers with backline support skills. After the tutorial, check your inbox for new player rewards. Use the 300 crystals and 5 tickets to draw, then reroll with the. You can only create up to 3 different nicknames on the same device, so always overwrite your last nickname so you can use it again. Get ready for hundreds of rerolls. Get ready for thousands of rerolls. Consider selling your account if you got them. Check the tier list and keep the qt3. If you don't like rerolling, just proceed. Skip ahead to the section. Anyway, regardless of what you choose to do , your first priority in this game is getting a striker. Your striker is your most important unit because they can win you games even when the rest of your team is trash. You will be building your team around your striker. That means you will either commit to the striker's color or go rainbow. You might want to check the ssherder site to see if its style is to your liking. Pick ONE, and only one striker. The list is also a tier list. In reality, every striker is scary when they have the proper team supporting them, but not all teams are easy to make and to pilot. The chance of rolling a good striker is thus around 0. Rerolling for a legendary, let alone a specific one, is reroll hell in the truest sense of the phrase. But there are records of someone getting the Bell he wanted after 156 rerolls and losing his sanity. When you get sick of the whole process, you can return and get a nice referral bonus. STRIKERS Sharr: Pure firepower. Kills most things in two hits and eats whirlwind units alive. Rated highly because her damage increase DI mechanics can carry you through every challenge the game offers. Gains earth-rending raw power at the price of damaging himself with every shot. Requires a lot of investment, but with incredible long-term returns. Like Sharr, her DI will devastate goalkeepers, but unlike Sharr, she will struggle to land critical hits. A good striker for PvP because she has tons of penetration power and DI, thus countering what most defenses are building against other strikers i. Deals % HP and DI to the line, but with diminishing effectiveness. Building around her can be tricky since you need good frontline stealers or high reflex units that can keep up. Lucid: Slut for passes. Has the highest one-shot damage with Solar Eclipse activated, but requires some setup which is harder to do in PvP. Scales better with a strong assist rather than her own strength, which means you need to hypermax at least two units to unlock her full potential. Climbs the colosseum faster than other strikers. Kirin: Control and ramp. Paralyzes the enemy line and gets stronger with every shot. His combo requires rather specific units, but will dismantle most defenses once it gets going. Like Ravian, he depends heavily on his frontline to follow up on his shots, so he will struggle while transitioning to his scary endgame. Has every offensive stat built in and gives flexible teambuilding options throughout all stages of the game. Deals huge damage with a critical, but hits like a towel without it. Deals honest damage and hits extra hard after a pass. However, many of those who use him have expressed regret for not picking a cute striker. Middling damage, but heals the team with every shot and has a global buff for Light players. Her heal is great for , but less effective in PvP. Even so, with the right formation, she can stall games out to 40 minutes, leaving your team in top shape while everyone in their team is dead. Extremely strong for Club matches where sustain is a lot more meaningful, but the rewards for Club matches kind of suck. A note on Griffith and Blade -- Thunder strikers have a peculiar position in the metagame: they are strong against two of the most common goalkeepers Kei and Isillia but weak against the other two Jin and Black Tortoise. As such, their matches can vary wildly between Easy Mode and Dante Must Die Mode. Less power in exchange for spirit and action bar drain , which can be difficult to capitalize on. Better suited for four-front teams with spirit-hungry units and extremely stacked frontlines. Only for masochists who want a real challenge. Strikers that do not have EEs are strictly inferior to those that do. This saves you the pain of rerolling for a striker and getting another striker as your legendary later on. EARLY GAME tl;dr: 1. Do story mode to rank up 2. Get penguins to level up players 3. Farm GP in Arena and Colosseum 4. Do daily missions to get FREE RARES 5. Do seasonal missions to get powerup materials 6. Do the daily gold matches 6. They are extremely valuable. Collect them, evolve them, and hoard until you know what endgame cards you want. Leveling up refills every resource you have, so powerleveling can take hours. Wait for a day where you can play SS for long stretches of time. Check game settings and turn voices on for maximum thrill, then enjoy the story and rank up so you can do all game modes. But do clear the 1-2 high score reward ASAP and get Eugene to increase team cost. This will leave you with just enough points to unlock the next chapter. Check the special card section reguarly; you can easily get 360 crystals from completing it. To gain another edge, do 20 referrals to yourself with the rerolling method. To save money, use a level 1 base card. Clovers from the high-leveled cards will carry over. At level 5, check the schedule at the home screen. Go to the space-time continuum on penguin times and use the pengs to level up your key units. After your frontline gets strong enough, you can safely auto the matches. The little buggers are savage, so look for a strong friend ace and put them center mid CM. At rank 8, clear the Colosseum of Despair and Colosseum of Trials as far as you can. You get one CoD reset per day; use it to farm GP. Yes, the colosseum challenges are bullshit. Same with the Colosseum of Trials -- even 25 clears would be a struggle for some high-rankers, so just focus on getting the 50 GP reward. Stay away from Super League. Prioritize the striker, goalkeeper and midline player. Win and get that sweet GP + gold. Remember to check arena every 1 and a half hours when you win to keep your streak going. Completing achievements Get Lohengrin from the high score reward in free match 1-14 Metro City Minor League, Cracsus to farm gold faster. With all the tricky daily missions out of the way, you can now get the player box. Get whatever seasonal achievements you can. Levels 10-30 To get rank 30 ASAP, spam rival matches and Saturday matches with the double exp. Ranking up too fast in this game can make Arena too hard. Rank up just enough to field the strongest team you can. As you rank up, keep powering up to win the Arena. You are matched based on rank, not team ability. Read if the gameplay mechanics confuse you. After you get a stone to +9, diminishing marginal returns sets in heavily. Sell the swirlies, but keep the emperor swirlies. The 750 crystals over 30 days pack is also worth it. Those are the best value-for-money deals in this game. You have a ton of of gold at the start. Be frugal with it. Save as much as possible, and in time you will realize how valuable your gold is. The crystal penguin matches are worth it if you have an endgame card who can eat the penguins. The swirly matches, not so much. Do it only when you really have to. Unlike other mobage, gold is always useful here. More on scouting later. It's best to do them when you have more options, i. If you're trying to get a specific player through draw, the desire sensor will fuck you over. So if you think RNGesus ha s some beef with you, you can skip drawing. There are more reliable uses of crystals than gambl ing , such as refreshes for bosses, penguins, and emergency GP. You'll probably end up with a mess of a team at the start. If you somehow get 1600 GP before level 30 entirely possible and start scouting, be careful. Your legendary might not go together with the cards you scouted. And if you ever find this little guy, scout him. Post level 30 After getting one of the legendaries, you can commit to a team. Start spending your gatekeepers. Not even with a Rainbow Elemental. Put most of your gold into combining unique stones that you can use. Start climbing league so you can rage at the AI and shitpost discuss esports with the thread. LEGENDARIES These players are broken. If you already have a striker and your legendary is also a striker, switch. Build your team around your legendary and your striker or your legendary striker and you will be set for life. You can choose to ignore your legendary to pursue your own vision of a team. However, you will be filled with salt at opponents who do use their legendaries down the road speaking from experience. William: The king of strikers. Has offensive stats turned up to eleven and vaporizes everything when he lands a critical hit, i. If the active pass gets to him, you win. Like Sharr, he's handicapped by lack of penetration, and like Vitos, he requires heavy investment. His damage may be modest, but he will grant a massive advantage to his team just with his presence. Put him mid or back, give him action speed, and the ball will arrive in your frontline with a fat load of spirit. His ability to penetrate while healing the line is vital to surviving much of the PvE content. If you get him, build a CoD-oriented team and reap the rewards. Jin: The ultimate defender. The one player everyone wants regardless of team. Completely viable off-color and a necessity for many endgame PvP teams. Get backline totems for him and laugh at people trying to kill you in arena--until you face a properly maxed Sharr or William who will rape his ass with a flaming dildo. Also a top-tier backline totem himself if you can switch goalies against Ardor strikers. Khirel: Insane raw damage. Will kill everything in his path and makes your team do the same. Put him together with a counterattack resistance totem to cover his only weakness. Great totem, stealer, penetrator and manual striker. Overpowered as fuck when attacking, great at all positions, and crushes everything when Super P lay activates. Putting her with a speed totem will grant you control of the match. Bypasses enemy defenses to deal massive damage. Has guaranteed criticals and helps his line get the ball back. Becomes an absolute beast when surrounded by his Thunder harem, not so much in a rainbow team. Has everything an attacker needs, few weaknesses, and buffs reflexes, the key stat for midlines. A stand-alone midfielder that can both destroy his opponent and tank their assault. You can use him off-color, guilt-free. Beth: The offensive gambit. Recovers the team's action bar with her attacks and active; if she gets to do both, the enemy team is doomed. Put her mid and pair her with Metatron to control the game from the midline. Alternatively, put her back to launch a devastating counterattack. Metatron: The game breaker. Creates global action bar advantage when attacked and attacking, and debuffs HP and reflexes, two rare skills in one. See you next month. Baltheon: H eavy artillery. A match made in heaven for Lucid -- their playstyles and skills will perfectly complement each other under manual control. A requirement if you want to get a high score for the Colosseum. TEAMBUILDING Once you know the element of your legendary and your striker, stick to them. Doing this lets you train and scout your players efficiently. Investing in whatever strong player that comes your way will make you go rainbow all colors. While it's strong, you can miss out on some great synergy. This section is just to ease you into deciding your colors. When you still have a lot of key players missing, teambuilding is largely an exercise in improvisation. It will be a long, long time before you complete your team through scouting, so be flexible and hang in there. PvE is the story mode, the space-time-continuum, and the aptly-named Colosseum of Despair and Colosseum of Trials. This is the mode where you farm for event cards, crystals, and get a nice bonus of GP. PvP is the the Galaxy League. This is the mode to farm GP and gold. In PvP, all heals are reduced by 50%, making weaker. Some players rely on healing skills and gimmicks, and they will have reduced effectiveness in PvP. And from time to time, I will say that someone is manual control only. Why is manual control an important point? Like football manager, but with cuties. The League rewards will make your team stronger faster, and you will feel awesome when the brown circle on your home screen changes into something shinier. S ingle element Aces are a dime a dozen, and have a wide variety of skills. Dual element aces are far fewer. As such, the list below will mention all the dual aces, but only the most common mono aces. Keep a good lookout for them and other ace effects. Each element takes 25% less damage and deals 25% more damage against the element it is strong against. Caveat: The example teams given below are strictly in color for illustration purposes and are thus far from ideal. In reality, most teams must splash off-color units in order to not die instantly. ELEMENTS Mono Ardor - Mediocre. Fortunately, D ark has low presence in mid-low rank PvP, and being strong against Whirlwind, which is popular, gives them an edge. Even though it has some good team-wide buffs, Ardor is best when going hybrid with other elements. Ace Player: Bora, Roina. Strong in defense and offense, good selection of players in every position, flexible team compositions, few weaknesses. A good choice for mid-level teams because of its ease to build and its abundance of totems that can be used off-color. Ace Player: Lucian and Lia. Has many offensive options, great critical rate support, and has good defense. Its Ace Player : Jean has cataclysmic potential damage, but he's manual control only and hard to use effectively check out. Proceed at your own risk. Look out for: Cynthia, Hildegard, Iggy, Lia, Nerua, Raklet, Veronica, Victoria, Yuri Example team: Luka Iggy William Victoria Lia Jean Lynia Lucian Nerua Yuri Raklet Mono-Whirlwind - Rebels to the Empire. Their active passes recover spirit, making them easy to chain into active shots. Also known as WWhales, this team needs its two legendaries to cover its lack of extreme evolutions, but will be unstoppable when they have them. Weak against ardor, but then ardor itself is weak. Also the only mono team that can go toe-to-toe with Thunder. Ace Player : Beatrice. Strong totems, imba reflexes, and no weak strikers, but its aces only give pure defense. Ace Players: Elizabeth, Magnus, Chitose, and Sky. Can choose from two win conditions: reflex dominance or raw power. Strong, fast, tanky, and has a lot of cuties. Currently one of the most popular archetypes in Galaxy League. Ace Player: Saramir and Silk. Look out for: Miho, Black Daisy boss , Magnus, Meiran, Kiki, Shura Example team: Vitos Neraizel Alkyde Dale Saramir Avnore Kiki Silk Magnus Malcolm Jin Mono Thunder - The Empire. With an overwhelming midline, multiple global totems and excellent ball control, they are the strongest mono team right now, losing only to mono Whirlwind. Ace Player: Jury boss for early game, Ace Player: Nerua for late game. THE element of choice for waifufags - you can wreck everyone with an all-female Thunder team. Has reflex and action speed fuckery at all positions and great totems for offense and defense. Whirlwind strikers will not have problems with critical chances in this team, and you will end many games before the enemy team can take even one turn. Ace Player: Zhen Long, Vayne boss and Nikita. Look out for: Hildegard, Vermilion Bird, Iggy, Kiki, Magnus, Silk, Veronica Example team: Griffith Veronica Neraizel Cynthia Nikita Hildegard Khirel Nerua Kiki Magnus Raklet Mono Light - Shiny, but not gold. Is weak to the most offensive team--will fold over quickly when the enemy thunder team has the ball. Wide choice of strikers, has the two strongest totems in the game on ace support, can use Milky + Kevin, its forward passer turns into a tank with the ball, and it can choose between two different ace effects. One of the stronger hybrids and pretty f2p-friendly. Ace Player: Sammy, Milky Way. Another element that's easy to build. Do note that you need to evolve Hiro twice to get the dual ace. Look out for: Anael, Hildegard, Mikael, Nerua, Sammy, Silla Example team: Hiro Luka Silla Bell Jury Hildegard Mikael Nerua Anael Raklet Isillia Mono-Dark - Debuffs their enemies to the ground. No matter how strong the enemy team is, Dark will break them. The element of choice for masochists. Its key players grant either massive control or massive damage, and in many cases, both. Rather than aiming for a strategy, this team wins by sheer force of having the top tier units like Ace player: Elaine, Choi, Angela, Baltheon and Metatron all on color. Poor Niarose sucks on auto and nobody cares about her. In that case, there are rainbow aces you can use, but among them Ace Player: Silla is the best. Example team: Silla Elaine Sharr Bell Metatron Choi Kiki Duran Silk Khirel Jin In the end, though, colors are not fixed. This rule also applies with regards to superbing and special training. If you see Legendaries at any point, scout them. Make sure to take a screenshot first for posterity. If you see Lucy at any point, scout her. As for gatekeepers, Littres, Meras and Beelzebubs are must-scouts. Kumas, however, a re shit. Never scout those perverts. GOALKEEPERS Isillia: Scout her. She has high innate resistances without relying on block and thrives in the current metagame. However, she gets weaker as the match goes on, and her triple light slots make the unique stone Ermaltion mandatory. Self-heals like Zibroi and Lucian when attacked, which lends extra survivability for PvE. Having elemental advantage over WW on top of it makes him strong against Beatrice and Kirin. Zibroi: A god in PvE. Your life in the colosseum and boss fights will be easy with him. If you get him outside of scouts and want another goalkeeper, he does surprisingly well as CM because of his high Technique. He has amazing synergy with all the HP totems swarming this game and can be used as a makeshift CM. A reverse Isillia, he gets stronger as the match goes on, but his lack of initial resistances leave him vulnerable to strong first shots. Uniquely, her pass turns anyone receiving it into a bulldozer, so BT lines can have 4 defensive totems without trouble breaking out. Can get obscene amounts of HP and defense at the price of low crit resist and no damage reduction. Recommended for dedicated Thunder teams or for people with a fetish for big robotic hands. Ronald: Good in theory, rare in practice. Dark hybrid teams have other choices for both PvP and PvE goalies and Ronald himself is a good totem. Skip him for now. ASSISTS Silla: gives attack power and low pass effect. Totems for penetration power and even more attack power. Virtually everyone uses this slut, but she needs to be extreme evolved. Nari: gives critical rate and high pass effect. Also doubles as reflex stealer and spirit battery. Protects herself against AB control backlines, and recovers her own AB with a pass. Good for strikers with high natural penetration and crit damage. Notably, she can be placed mid to great effect thanks to her high reflex. Neraizel: gives very high pass effect. Recovers spiri t bar with her active pass, making life easier for 1. Ideal for mono-WW teams and good for Beatrice, Kirin and Shanti. Luka: gives penetration power and low pass effect. Word of caution: do not use her active in public spaces. Baltheon: You will never scout him, but you will be remiss not to try. Gives critical damage, critical rate and extreme pass effect. Has good offense totems and can steal from the enemy with either brute force or reflexes. For strikers not mentioned above, you can simply choose an on-color assist or choose from the pass effects you prefer. Assists can be quite flexible. Rather than being in your element, they need to work well together with your striker. An easy way to do this is to see what stat your striker is lacking, and choose an assist that provides it. TOTEMS These units are entirely worth getting off-color, for without them your goalkeeper will die a swift death. Yuri: The best offense totem. Worth scouting no matter what color you are in. Her pass and attack buff is great for OHKO frontlines, her HP buff is great for the backline, and counterattack resistance is useful everywhere. Hits hard by herself, too. Essential in CoD stages that require an OHKO. Kiki: A great scout no matter what color you're in. Extremely dangerous when attacking, with or without the ball, and destroys Thunder teams by herself. Kevin: Always +20% starting action bar to the line breaks the game more than you'd think, no matter what line it's in. He gives +25% crit resist too with an EE, which is crazy. His damage decrease is great, his teamwide slow is always useful, and his ability to create an untouchable fortress when used with certain players makes him the ideal defense against slow strikers. Magnus: Do you harbor a specific hatred towards Ardor and Thunder? An essential sub if you want to survive Sharrs and Williams. Victoria: Huge reflex totem that dictates the midline metagame. Stands side-by-side with the legendaries in lategame teams. High damage, tanky, has defender AI, revives the line, good at penetrating, good at stealing, good at stopping backlines, can equip strong offense uniques, elemental advantage against whirlwind -- the list of her strengths are endless. Absolutely busted in PvP. THE REST Personally, I don't follow the golden rule too rigidly and I keep my options open. Scouting is a cruel mistress, and you WILL run into excellent cards that mess up your scouting order. You may end up better off scouting them anyway. When in doubt, post your team and ask. More on that below. But remember to post your damn team. Pray often to RNGesus, for he is a capricious deity. Special mention goes to the units below : Consider scouting them once you have your three cores. DO NOT SKIP LUCY. She is very rare, and you must have her eventually. Some people say that managers should be scouted only after you have your core players. Others say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Both are right to an extent. Very useful for climbing the Colosseum. Notably, Virgil has become a main feature of many high-level PvP teams, and if he ever breaks through the line and gets an active off, you just win ridiculuously hard. That alone puts him in a special position. Takes a while to ramp up his teamwide buff, but while doing that he can nuke the GK just with a spirit bar. Milky way: Machine-gun s tealer and buffer. Useful in compositions that need a lot of spirit, but also dependent on full-superb and other combo pieces. Random cuties When scouting, there are these qt3. The only correct answer is both, and therefore you should play mono thunder. Anael - Many anons see her and then ask whether they should scout Anael, hoping that the answer is yes. The answer used to be yes. However, she offers no defensive stats to the backline and is too slow for the midline. Her lifesteal totem is incredible for PvE and may just let you clear a few extra floors. Saramir: Not bad, but there are better options. Can be great in the right circumstances, average otherwise. Delicious child-bearing hips, juicy thighs, serious contender for the biggest tits, has the ara-ara voice, and the least clothed. Get her you faggot. Has a special place in my heart for being my striker until rank 75, but she likes breaking my heart by shooting at the 1500 HP Jins. Seriously, Hildegard, cut that shit out. Do yourself a favor and get better taste. SAMPLE ENDGAME TEAMS under construction This is what teams will look like after all that scouting and whaling. It will take months to get here, maybe years if you plan on staying f2p, so for now just look at these beauties to get an idea of what the veterans are doing. Note: away formations are flipped right-to-left except for the support slot. So if you set a formation as: A B C Support The enemy will see: C B A Support.
  86. Rather than being in your element, they need to work well together with your striker. Glad Soccer with Cards Soccer Spirits has a very unique, one-of-a-kind soccer-based card combat system that is simple to use yet strategic and fairly in-depth. Each Hero has different active and passive skills that can be increased by leveling up, and these skills, as well as their stats and element type, fub their usefulness in various team compositions. Another element that's easy to build. What do I do soccer spirits tier list all my unused four star cards. Not even with a Rainbow Elemental. Same with the Colosseum of Trials -- even 25 clears would be a struggle for some high-rankers, so servile focus on getting the 50 GP reward. Kyoko S- Mini Leventor. Its key players grant either massive control or massive damage, and in many cases, both. Her lifesteal totem is incredible for PvE and may just let you clear a few extra floors. THE REST Personally, I don't ring the golden rule too rigidly and I keep my options open.

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